Release for Tango Customers (Melody & Beat Users)

Release on 22/06/2020

Heatlh Care Success Ltd has decided not to continue developing of Tango GO+ mobile application for now. This may cause problems regarding compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. Most acute the problem is with iOS devices. Therefore we recommend iOS users to switch to another mobile application: VeryFitPro. Tango Melody and Beat models are compatible with that application.

iOS user, follow these instructions:

  1. Delete Tango GO+ from your smart device.
  2. Install VeryFitPro,
  3. Open VeryFitPro and follow the instructions provided by the app.
  4. Once you have connected your Tango device with the app for the first time, it will automatically connect next times you open VeryFitPro and the Bluetooth is on.

We recommend the Android users to do the same in case any problems occure with Tango GO+. 

VeryFitPro – Easy to Use and Reliable

VeryFitPro works more fluently, especially at connecting the Tango device and the application. Also the data history is more comprehensive.

At Home page section user can see Activities, Sleep or Heart Rate data. Data can be browsed at Home page section by tapping the figures at the upper half of the smart device screen.

Data history can be found from Details section. History can be browsed week by week by swiping.  


Further information & technical support:

Teppo Rantaniva, Product & Brand Lead
(On vacation 6.-31.7.2020)